Ninja diet: Ninja Hummus

September 15th, 2009 - 

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Ninja ate way too much over the weekend because ninja was very very bored.  So today, ninja decided to make a healthy snack that ninja can munch on whenever he watches his ninja movies.  Ninja opened up the refrigerator and decided to make hummus.

Ninja found these!

Protein Vegetables Spices
n/a Chickpeas  (cooked) Salt & Pepper
  Onion Cumin
Garlic Paprika
Roasted red bell peppers (jar)Lemon Olive oil

Here are ninja’s steps:

  1. Throw everything in the food processor
  2. Pour in olive oil and add spices until it becomes a soft paste to your liking
  3. Chop up some veggies you would like to dip in the hummus (like carrots and celery)


Good Bad
Nice flavor Hummus did not go well with asparagus


It was very tasty, but the asparagus ninja used for dipping did not go well with hummus ninja made.  Ninja really likes it with celery and carrot sticks.  Later, ninja had humus on top of a plain ninjomelet, which was very delicious and ninja recommends trying that.